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The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Successful Advertising On Instagram

whats somethings you will learn from this course.

phase 1: The Benefits of Advertising on Instagram

  • –  Huge user base and continued growth
  • –  33% of users have made a purchase through Instagram
  • –  Highly advanced social media targeting
  • –  Ability to track leads and sales
  • –  Tap into an unreached customer base
  • –  Build an audience organically
  • –  Develop stronger relationships
  • –  Discover what your audience likes and dislikes
  • –  Visual platform for higher engagement levels

phase 2: Types of Instagram Ads

  • –  Stories Ads – these appear in the transition from one story to the next. 500 million users view stories each day and these ads are great if you have a limited time offer to promote
  • –  Photo or Image Ads – most popular type of ad because Instagram users like images so much. Image Ads are best for showcasing products and services.
  • –  Video Ads – videos are really popular on Instagram. The number of video views has increased significantly by 80% over the last couple of years.
  • –  Carousel Ads – a Carousel Ad allows you to use several different images. You can use these to showcase a number of different products, share a story with multiple parts or provide a deep dive into a single product
  • –  Collection Ads – users can purchase directly from Collection Ads.

phase 3: Setting Goals for your Instagram Ad Campaigns
Step #1: Read and understand the Instagram advertising objectives Step #2: Decide on a goal for each of your Instagram Ad campaigns:

  • –  Raise the awareness of your brand
  • –  Find potential customers
  • –  Increase sales or conversions

Instagram Marketing